1 introduction

This agreement defines the terms of use for the service Olympiatoppen’s training diary. The agreement is between Olympiatoppen and the individual who registers themselves as a user of the service.

2 Description

Olympiatoppen’s training diary is a service allowing the registration and follow-up of training. The training can be registered and evaluated by the individual who has training to register, hereafter referred to as the athlete. The athlete can also permit that another person follows up and either partly or fully registers their training. This role will hereafter be referred to as ”trainer”.

The athlete can themselves choose who they wish to grant access to their registered training data, and the athlete can also remove this access at any time. The registered data belongs to the individual who owns the user account from which the data has been registered.

An athlete can record their training, as well as comment upon it, and a trainer can then follow-up and comment. How the athlete and trainer wish to organise this registration and follow-up process is decided upon collectively by the athlete, trainer and club and is independent of Olympiatoppen.

Registering a user

In order to make use of the service the individual must first register themselves as a user in the system. For this user to be approved all the information marked as mandatory in the registration form must be provided.

The user has the opportunity to change any information about themselves.

Olympiatoppen retains the right to decline/delete any user that poses a threat to the system, if they use the service inappropriately or register an account with incorrect or unidentifiable information.

Registering as a trainer

In order to be registered as a trainer, a normal user account must first be created. This will then be approved in the system as a trainer account, usually once the annual subscription fee has been paid. Payment of the subscription fee and approval as a trainer in the system does not entail that Olympiatoppen endorses the individual’s qualification and aptitude as a trainer.

Olympiatoppen retains the right to remove trainer rights in the system in those cases where the trainer’s use of the system poses a disadvantage to other users or in any other way jeopardises Olympiatoppen’s reputation.

A trainer does not own his athletes’ training data.

User obligations

The user commits to using their account identity and password in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to information stored on the system. If the user shares their account and password details with unauthorized individuals Olympiatoppen cannot guarantee that the data will not be misused by others.

User rights

The user has unconditional ownership and control of their training data. This means that the athlete can delete their user account and that all data registered from this account will also be deleted. In those cases where the athlete has given Olympiatoppen anonymous access to their data, the data will not be deleted when the user account is deleted, but will instead be made anonymous and will remain available for research purpose.

The user can themselves decide which persons have access to their training diary.

When an account is deleted all data belonging to this account will also be deleted. In those cases where data is to be used in research, all links between the athlete and the data will be cut. Once the user account has been deleted it is not possible to restore the data, even through a future reestablishment of the user in the system.

Olympiatoppen’s rights

Olympiatoppen does not accept responsibility for the quality of the data that is registered, and cannot guarantee the value of analyses conducted if the recorded data is incorrect.

Olympiatoppen does not have responsibility for the user’s application of the service or for direct or indirect consequences from use of the service or losses resulting from the service being inaccessible.

Olympiatoppen does not take responsibility for loss or damage to data caused by the user themselves or by the actions of any third party.

Olympiatoppen has a security level that is in accordance with the normal requirements within the field, and does not accept responsibility for unauthorized access or use of the service, or any resulting loss of data.

Olympiatoppen monitors the use of its services. This is done by means of IP address, date and time and is accessible to the administrator of the service.

Olympiatoppen retains the right to delete any user that abuses the service. In those cases where this involves a trainer, the paid subscription fee will not be refunded.

Personal data

All personal data is handled in compliance with lawful requirements, see: lov om behandling av personopplysninger, 14.04.2000 nr 31.

Some of the information registered in the training diary will be accessible to other users of the service. This applies to forename, surname, sports club and town of residence, and is used in searching for athletes/trainers.

The user consents to Olympiatoppen conducting statistical analyses on use of the service. This could entail that information is passed on to others, or that information is used in a manner that could identify the user without this being agreed upon. The user also consents to the statistical information being used for marketing purposes.

Amendments, termination

The user may at any time terminate the agreement by deleting their user account.

The agreement is personal and cannot be transferred to others.

Olympiatoppen can make amendments to the user agreement, routines for identification, operating methods, technical specifications, access times etc. with reasonable notice.

Olympiatoppen retains the right to, with reasonable notice, make changes to the cost of its services.

Olympiatoppen retains the right to terminate the service. In such circumstances the user will be warned and have the opportunity to secure their training data.

Law, conflict resolution etc.

This agreement is subject to Norwegian law. Disagreement as to the interpretation or implementation of this agreement should be solved through negotiation. If an agreement cannot be reached, the dispute should be solved by the appropriate tribunal. For this, the parties adopt Oslo Byrett as the venue.

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