Since 2010, athletes and national teams using the training diary have taken a total of 161 World Championship, European Championship and Olympic medals, in 17 different sports . This makes Olympiatoppen’s training diary not only the most successful, but also the most versatile training diary in the world.

The current version of Olympiatoppen’s training diary was released summer 2010, and its use has been adopted by the majority of Norwegian elite athletes associated with Olympiatoppen and athletes receiving an Olympiatoppen stipend.

Over the course of 2013 the aim is that Olympiatoppen’s training diary will be the most important tool in the quality control of the training process. We have already experienced that use of the diary has produced positive results in sports such as Cross Country Skiing kayaking, Nordic combined and orienteering.
Use of the diary has led to coaches being more closely engaged in the training process. The goal is therefore that, within a few years, Olympiatoppen’s training diary will be used by all national team coaches and athletes linked to Olympiatoppen.

We are working continuously in order to develop the diary in order that it will be even more user-friendly and as specifically tailored to each individual sport as possible. We look forward to its continuation, and wish you luck with your on-going training.

Espen Tønnessen / Head of training / Olympiatoppen 13th March 2012

Try the training diary for yourself!

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